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2nd May 2003Actual site of film 'Zulu'
By Naseby
Now stop me if you've heard this one before..? Has anyone actually visited the site of the above, in The Royal Natal National Park?
Iy's actually on the Tugela isn't it? Anyone in London who's been rich enough to go visit all the sites would be great to meet up for a drink hopefully one day! Is there a visitor centre in this national park for the film, any memorabilia etc? Thanks all!
5th May 2003Peter Ewart
Melvin Hunt has posted an interesting account of his visit under "Stories" on this site.


8th May 2003Melvin Hunt
Thanks Peter. Indeed for someone who has watched the film countless times over the last 40 years I have to say that to walk the actual film set location was, for me, as exciting as the battlefields. The familiar scenery is still the same today with perhaps a few surprises for the film fans.
Naseby, if you would like to contact me offsite I can e mail you some photos.