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5th May 2003Grave locations
By Sally
Some time ago I came across pictures (it might have been on this site) of Pauleine's Memorial Grave and Charlie Harford's grave - I cannot remember the location of either of these 'graves' - can you help please.
7th May 2003David Glynne Fox
Hi Sally
Pulleine's memorial "grave" is in the churchyard at Kirby Wiske, North Yorkshire and Charlie Harford's grave is at Crawley Down Parish Churchyard, West Sussex. Hope this helps. You can also check out hundreds of others on the Keynsham Light Horse website.
7th May 2003Bruce Jamieson
I visited Rorke's Drift in February and was greatly taken with Charlie Harford. He took the c.os gin to preserve scorpions and the next was apparently missing just before a skirmish - discovered putting a rare beetle into a box. What happened to him afterwards?