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5th May 2003Cairns at Isandlwana
By Sally
Last year someone posted a question about the 'state' of the ciarns and why they were so brown and neglected.

Have just heard the good news that Rob Gerrard (resident historian at Isandlwana Lodge) has completed the rebuilding and painting of the cairns on the Isandlwana battlefield (at his own cost).

It must be an incredible view now.
5th May 2003neil aspinshaw
you are right, the battlefield at isandlwana is now a truly incredible place. The huge cairn on the saddle where Reginald younghusbands company held out is magnificent. The cairns on the nek are easily visible from Fugitives drift. The work Rob gerrard and David Rattray have done is priceless. In jan this year we walked the fugitives trail. all the markers were well maintained, testimony to their endeavours. Interestingly, this Feb at the national army museum,Tony Pollard (t.v celeb?) informed us that recent work has re-instated cairns that have become eroded.
7th May 2003Mo Jones

I uploaded a photo taken in April of the repainted cairns at Isandlwana to the home page of my web site:

They do look impressive.


Mo Jones
26th May 2003sally
Dear Neil
With the best will in the world I do not know of any financial implications by David Rattray in the rebuilding and repainting of the cairns at Isandlwana.
I got permission to do this from Amafa.
Best regards