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5th May 2003Burt Lancaster's Comments on site while filming Zulu Dawn
By Marc Jung
I remember in 1978/9 when they were making Zulu Dawn, a newspaper article on the set of the film. Burt Lancaster made the remark that he was pleased to see the British getting a good pasting and thoroughly enjoyed this prospect. I don't see any reason why, oh yes, just to sell it in America Zulu Dawn thought they needed him! He had a lousy irish accent anyway! (I'm sure Dick Van Dyke woulda done better!) Does anyone else remember him making these remarks at the time? And what happened to the brilliant Kenneth Griffith's documentary, also filmed in 1979 on the Zulu wars? Never seen again! I remember this, because before Zulu Dawn was on release he used some footage of the troops crossing the Buffalo at Rorke's Drift.
5th May 2003Alan Critchley
Durnford didn't have an Irish accent. Though born in Ireland of English parents serving ther, he had a BBC English accent. Perhaps Burt Lancaster couldn't manage that or they didn't do their research well enough.
As to the Kenneth Griffith documentary, we are in the process of trying to reproduce in a DVD form.

[email protected]
5th May 2003M.Price
"Hi" Mark, Kenneth Griffiths documenatry
was called Black as Hell Thick as Grass.
If you try Navel & Military they may still have a copy left. Best of luck .

6th May 2003Marc Jung
Tthanks to Alan, Peter, Diana and Mike for the latest replies to me. Question for you, Mike, Where's this Naval and Military you quoted to me? Is it a specific website, shop, etc? Many thanks to you...