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5th May 2003Kenneth Griffith's BBC Zulu War Documentary in 1979.
By marc jung
I'm sorry to take up so much space. I included this subject with another enquiry, subsequently forgetting the headline wouldn't stand out. If you've answered my query after an enquiry on Burt Labcaster, I apologise. Anyway, Can anyone tell me what happened to this brilliant documentary, which has disappeared never to be seen on TV again? More importantly, has kenneth, the man himself ever added commments to this site or any other on the Zulu Wars? Thanks.
5th May 2003John Young

Kenneth is a good friend of mine. With any luck he will be attending the forthcoming event to be held at the Royal Engineers Museum, Chatham, Kent, on the second weekend.

During the course of the weekend we will be showing "Black as Hell, Thick as Grass!" and I'm sure that Kenneth will make comment on it.

Hopefully, through, there may be a dvd release of "Black as Hell....", with some addition comments from Kenneth.

John Y.
5th May 2003Clive Dickens
Kenneth Griffith also gave a brilliant commentry on the recent showing on satelite TV " The First Media War" which covered the Boer War he wasjust brilliant.
5th May 2003Marc Jung
Thanks for the replies, guys, and yes, Clive, Kenneth is/was brilliant!