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5th May 2003Re: any filming on set of either two films
By marc jung
This is such a great site, but hope I'm not seen as trying to monopolise it! Does anyone have any info on outtakes/filming/making on the set of the two 'Zulu war' films. I remember, bits on "Film '79" of Zulu Dawn. I wondered if there was any chance through this site or any other of videos etc with this subject in mind. Thanks again!
7th May 2003Justin
Hi Marc

I remember seeing a short film (30+ mins) many years ago, on the making of Zulu Dawn, infact probably only a year or so after the film was released.
I remember it being quite good- apparently where they filmed crossing into Zululand, was the same place that they really did- they found the remains of the ponts.
Anyway, I've never seen or heard of this documentary again but at least now you know there is something out there. You could maybe try the BBC?

Good luck
7th May 2003David Glynne Fox
Hi Marc,
There is a monochrome 16mm film concerning the making of Zulu which was given its premiere earlier this year at Sleaford, Lincs. It is hoped that this same piece of film will be shown again in November at the QEH Theatre in Bristol (see events section of this website) John Urquart, who is running the event will have more details.It is an interesting piece of archive footage and lasts around 30mins as I recall and well woth viewing.
Regards David
19th May 2004Duncan Fellowes
Hi, about 12 years ago i was a member of the VMS. I met someone who gave me a VHS tape of about 100 minutes of Outtakes from Zulu Dawn ! Let me know if you would like a copy. Duncan