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6th May 2003Facing colours of British regiments - Zulu War
By Dewi Evans
Could anyone tell me whether the 4th Regiment's tunic collar patch and cuffs were both blue or were the cuffs red? Better still does anyone know where I could find this information for all the regiments involved in the Zulu War!!!

Thank you in anticipation,

6th May 2003John Young

I have a fine photograph of a Private in the 4th (King's Own) Regiment, circa 1879, in the five button frock, he is wearing blue collars & cuffs. (Sorry I can't scan it to you as someone has disabled my e-mail, from a remote location!)

2nd Battalion/3rd Foot - buff facing - hence "The Buffs".

2nd/4th Foot - blue as stated above.

1st/13th L.I. - blue.

2nd/21st - blue.

1st & 2nd/24th - green.

57th - yellow.

58th - black.

80th - yellow.

88th - green.

90th L.I. - buff.

91st - yellow.

94th - green.

99th - yellow.

Best place to find the information 'Unifroms & Weapons of the Zulu Wr', by Christopher Wilkinson-Latham, published in 1978.

Or just ask here!

John Y.
6th May 2003Dewi Evans
Thanks very much for the info John.

Perhaps in the future when your system is working again!! Would you be so kind as to scan the photo to me? I would be very interested in seeing it.

Thanks again,

7th May 2003Gary Laliberty
May I add to John's recommendation, a book about British Regiments... 'British Forces in Zululand 1879' by Ian Knight from Osprey Military Books;from the Elite Series #32.

8th May 2003Dewi Evans
Thanks for the recommendation Gary.