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7th May 2003125th Anniversary Events in KZN - January 2004
By Martin Everett
A number of people have contacted me to ask what is happening in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa to commemorate 125th anniversary of the battles of Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift.

The situation at the moment is far from clear – the local planning committee meets on 13th May. However, I am indebted to Pat Stubbs of the Isandlwana Lodge for some information so far:

Friday 22 January 2004
Event on the battlefield for School children

Saturday 23 January 2004
Re-enactment of Isandhlwana on the battlefield (funding for this still has be found)

Sunday 24 January 2004
Memorial Curch Service in St. Augustine's Church.

I have yet to find out if any events are occurring at Rorke's Drift. The various branches of the MOTHS (Memorable Order of Tin Hats – the South African equivalent of the Legion) in KwaZulu Natal normally hold their annual service and BBQ on the nearest Sunday to Rorke's Drift day i.e. Sunday 24 January 2004.

The level of participation by serving soldiers of The Royal Regiment of Wales is also unclear. In the last few days the 1st Battalion has been earmarked for a 4-months operational tour starting in November 2003 in a country, which has been in the headlines recently. Nevertheless, they hope there will be a representative group of Welsh soldiers on the ground in KwaZulu Natal for the 125th events.

When I have a fuller programme of events, I will ensure it is posted on this web site. Watch this space as they say.

Best wishes

Martin Everett