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9th May 2003Myth? of the quartermasters ammo supply?
By Marc jung
Shame on me? got it on tape, but can't remember the name of it! Ian Castle was on that documentary, I I think it had the 'die-hards' and it was when explaining the finds at Isandhlwana site, that he disputed the validity of the ammo supply failing due to the QM's attitude/ Does anyone else have any information to back up the familiar story? I.e what did the survivors accounts amount to? I heard that junior CO's were turned away by ther Qm's, because, in a battle, apparently they outranked them? Is Ian's info now considered correct, or is it ambiguos speculation at this stage? Thanks again. Marc.
11th May 2003Alan Critchley
I will also be interested in theories about this.
Having accompanied Ian Knight at Isandhlwana and having his theories about the lines of Redcoats and their distance from the camp, I can quite believe the problem of ammunition supply. I also think that the depiction in Zulu Dawn was probably correct.

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