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10th May 2003Play by the rules
By Alan Critchley
I have to say, I don't mind people straying off the subject of the Zulu War sometimes, but to create a battlefield over something totally unrelated and using language which is inappropriate will be deleted. I refer to a mailing of 30 April, which we will delete shortly.

[email protected]
10th May 2003andrew rowland
If you are talking about the post where I was called "ignorant" by a Canadian, and a "knave" and "poofdah" (thrice) by a stalker-typefrom America, then by all means delete the posts.

But to delete the whole thread is wrong Alan. I made some very fair points about the Daily Mirror aryicle, and the two authors concerned replied and as I recall asked for an apology from, I think, Martin...

They never got it.

To delete the whole thing is censorship - exactly what I was writing about in the first place!

This is a very important thread IMHO and has been derailed through no fault of my own.


I hope you re-instate it and just cut out the name-calling.

11th May 2003Alan Critchley
if I were to be selective about which replies were to be deleted, then that would be cencorship. I saw it getting out of hand. I decided that the whole topic should be knocked on the head. I stand by that.

[email protected]
11th May 2003andrew rowland
OK fair enough, it is you forum after all.

However you have thrown the baby out with the bathwater IMHO. You could have deleted the objectionable stuff and left the AZ war stuff, the daily mirror and guardian articles that I posted, the responses from the authors and so on.

I am very disappointed.

I am called ignorant and a puff for God's sake, pestered at my home email address, and you have let this ignorant and abusive homophobe "win" by deleting the whole thread.
11th May 2003Alan Critchley
this website is not about winners or losers (except in the Zulu war context). I think you are taking all this too personally. I too have loads of 'crap' emails every day. This is after all just a website. We're not in Afganistan.

[email protected]
12th May 2003andrew rowland
That's not the point.

The point is I went to the trouble of hand writing out the daily mirror article, getting v good feedback, then I located and printed the Guardian article.

Then the two authors responded.the thread had more responses than any other thread I know in recent memory.

We are talking about a HUGE issue here, the fact that the British army committed a war crime and it was all hushed up.

Now with all respect Alan, it seems to me you are doing the same thing!

I could care less if someone calls me ignorant or a puff for posting this information, and backing up my sources.

My point is you lose all credibility by erasing the whole thread.

Do you see my point or not? This has nothing to do with me at all. The archives about this have been wiped.

We have one of the hugest issues on this discussion board, a massacre of wounded and dying Zulus in the aftermath of Rorke's Drift, and you wipe it ALL because of the antics of Joseph.

I simply do not understand why you would do that.

Can you please tell me and the board/forum why you have erased all my research?
12th May 2003andrew rowland
One more thing also.

By erasing a whole thread whenever the discussion gets heated between 2 or more members opens you up to abuse of the worst kind. Anything someone wants to get deleted, all they have to do is wind up one or two posters, or even have an argument with themselves using bogus emails and names.

Then along comes the moderator and wipes everything.

I have seen this done before on other forums.

Again, by wiping the whole thread you have let the abuser win. And BTW I say win and lose, because YOU started this thread calling it a GAME and playing by the rules. <joke>

Do you see what I mean?
13th May 2003Peter Critchley

Please feel free to email me outside of the forum about this. The threads have not been lost, simply not accessible right now. This IS a moderators notice, asking politely that we now move on. These things aren't up for discussion, that's our perogative, and it's just a fact of life I'm afraid. It got out of hand, and as such was removed. End of story. Between yourself and Joseph you both took the thread and turned it into a personal battle, that's unacceptable.

As I say, please feel free to email me outside of the forum regarding this, but any further messages to this thread will be deleted.

All the best,


14th May 2003andrew rowland
Ok thanks Peter, will do.