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13th May 2003Hey kids!
By Diana Blackwell
Have you written a story, poem, or play about the Battle of Rorke's Drift? I'm looking for children's creative writings on this topic, especially those inspired or influenced by the movie "Zulu." If you're willing to share, I'd love to see your efforts. Don't be shy--send me your stuff!
13th May 2003Gary Laliberty
That was real nice of would take a woman to break up the much to serious talk in this discussion forum. Thanks

Oh and by the way, all you 'kids' out there send your e-mails to Diana.

13th May 2003Jason
why would i want to send my stories to a total stranger?
13th May 2003Diana Blackwell
Obviously it's your own choice whether to share your writings. In answer to your question, though, many people write in order to communicate--they want to be read, even or especially by total strangers!.
14th May 2003Andy Lee

I too thought it was real nice of you - perhapes you could explore publishing a book of short extracts.

What about putting all this serious talk to one side boys and focusing on ways we can have a headstones on every RD defender's grave who now rest in un-marked plots.
14th May 2003Diana Blackwell
Thanks very much. (And if any brave young writer comes forward with something usable, I hope to help them find an audiencec--with the author's permission, of course.) But name is Diana, not Diane.
14th May 2003Andy Lee
I do apologise Diana - I was replying in haste whilst at work.