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13th May 200324th Foot after Isandhlwana
By Justin
I know there were many drafts from other Regiments, making up for the men that were lost at Isandhlwana but I'm curious whether there were men from the 2/24th joining the 1/24th for the duration of the campaign?
I noticed in 'The Noble 24th' there were quite a few entries of men 'transfering to 2/24th'- was this them transfering back?

Thanks alot
14th May 2003Martin Everett
Dear Justin
A complex subject - I will try and make the answer a simple one.
Anyone on the Medal Roll of 1/24th with '1879' clasp or no clasp is likely to part of the draft which can out to SA after the disaster at Isandhlwana. Those that had volunteered from other regiments were given the option of transferring back to their original regiment when the 1/24 returned to UK (700 men left the battalion at Gosport - transfers, time expired and invalids).
The men who transferred from 1/24th to 2/24th - could have done so for a number of reasons - NCOs wishing promotion, men wishing to stay aboard.
2/24th went to Gibraltar from South Africa. You will notice that most of these transfers only had the '1879' clasp - so it is unlikely that they had served previously in 2/24th and were transferring back.
14th May 2003justin
Hi Martin

Thanks for the info.- its cleared a few points up for me.