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21st May 2003MGM Zulu DVD
By Edward Garcia
Just a quick note to let any interested fans of the film "ZULU" that MGM has recently released its version of the film on DVD. This version is region 1 (USA & Canada) and is presented in widescreen and enhanced for HDTV. I have not yet seen this version but I hope that the quality is up to MGM's usual standards and better than all those bargan ZULU DVD's that look like someone burned them directly off an old worn out VHS tape.
22nd May 2003Gary Laliberty
Hi Edward,
thanks, Thanks, THANKS, for that timely information. When right out and got one. I got it at "Best Buy" store, for $9.99. The store only had two copys. It also has the "Original Theatrical Trailer". The quality of the movie is very good, but the one draw back is the Sound is in Mono, not Stereo.

Thanks again, Gary
22nd May 2003Arthur Bainbridge
Have you seen the region2 dvd I was happy with that