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21st May 2003Zulu Remake ?
By jock
Can anyone tell me if Zulu will be re-made
soon ? or is this a rumour ?
22nd May 2003Alex Rossiter
Jock , theres a few rumour's some more beleavable than others, ive serched the net for 3 hours and found nothing (although that was about 5 months ago) , but with all the other historc remakes going on it's likely a zulu war film will be made (techinicly if i's based on rorked drift then it wont be a re-make).

Perhaps with the boards combined efforts we could search out the truth in these rumours.

22nd May 2003Natalija
"Zulu" will be remade in the not to distant future. Please consult previous postings for details.
22nd May 2003Alex Rossiter
Natalija ,
Where did you get the info from, is it DEFINETLY gonna be re-made, fingers crossed .
24th May 2003Edward Garcia
I have been searching the internet for weeks now and have not found any definite information regarding a remake of ZULU. I may have found the source of one rumor regarding Sylvester Stallone possibly portraying Gonville Bromhead at:

After reading the above site you begin to realize how so-called urban legends come about.

One other very brief mention – again no more that the beginnings of a rumor really can be seen at:

Search as I might this is all I can come up with.

One thing to keep in mind is that just about every movie ever made is in some stage of being remade at any give time. Scripts and treatments float around Hollywood like leaves in the wind and most of the time that is about as close to appearing on the screen as they get.

One other thing to remember – most remakes are worse than the original film they are modeled on. There is a remake of “The Naked Prey” on Paramount’s books right now. That fine old film which starred the late Cornell Wilde (the cast also included Gert Van der Berg – Adendorff in Zulu and Ken Gampu from Zulu Dawn) will now feature some West Point cadets being chased through the jungle by Nicaraguan drug lords! I kid you not. If you don’t believe me take a look at:

As far as remakes go – hope for the best but expect the worst.
26th May 2003jock
Thanks for your replys folks ... id hate to think sivester stylone would be in the remake anyway !!! J

JEEZ ! not him !

i suppose if it were to be remade it would at least worth watching once ( maybe not ) BUT i find it hard to beleive it could be better than the original .
How the hell can they get a cast for a remake
of Zulu these days ??? who could play the parts ? if stalone has anything to do with it it'll be a farce .
26th May 2003Ian Essex
What is this continual problem with a re-make. Zulu, whilst I fully admit was a wonderful film and was what originally got me interested, is a very inacurate film. I certainly would welcome a more honest re-telling of the the whole episode. Also keep in mind that everyone is always so concerned about a re-make. If someone decides to make a film about the defence of Rorke's Drift they can. It doesn't have to be Paramount. They own the copyright on the 'characterisation' of the characters in the film as we saw them. Chard, Hitch et al, were all real people, so effectively (someone stop me if I'm wrong, but be nice about it) 'anyone' could write a treatment on the battle and it wouldn't have to be a re-make. It could actually be something very acurate. No-one can stop me writing a film script based on the Battle of Little Big Horn. Even though it's already been done. Or the lives of Dinasours. It's all in the public domain.
20th July 2003STEVE
I hope there is a hollywood remake of zulu soon. it would be a magnificent site to see as the seventh cavalry ride over the horizon,led by stallone, to rescue the trapped brits!