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21st May 2003New Dragon Action Figure: 24th Regiment of Foot
By Miguel
Guys, I am so excited!

I am a fan of Hong-Kong based Dragon Models ltd., which produces high-quality action figures for collectors. These are not toys but truly amazing items fully geared and detailed to insane, lunatic levels.

All of a sudden, I find out that they are about to release a figure of a British 24th regiment of foot soldier, and that can only mean one thing: ISANDHLWANA & RORKE'S DRIFT!!

It is not yet announced in Dragon official site at but here:

My best advise: go to the official site and prepare to get shocked by the quality of the items made by Dragon, so you can begin drooling in expentance of that 24th foot soldier.

Believe me, I have 15 action figures from Dragon and they never stop surprising me!!

The funny thing is, how many times have I dreamed of Dragon making an action figure (or better, a series) of Isandhlwana and RD, with soldiers, officers in black tunics, etc. Now the dream is coming true!!


Canary Islands
22nd May 2003Joseph
That is great news. I'm a fan of their figures as well. I have their WWI German Stosstruppen. I can't wait for this!
22nd May 2003P.HARMAN
Its nice to know that under fives are using this web site.

Lets hope father christmas brings you a set.
22nd May 2003Miguel
Harman, there is an unwritten rule in this discussion forum, by which we all respect each other.

Apart from disrespect, your post shows a great deal of ignorance about what we are talking here.

Let me say it again in hope you understand it this time: these are not toys but collector-oriented items, they are not aimed at kids but to grown men keen on modelling and historic reproductions.

I wrote the post because I found it very uplifting to find that a modelling firm decided to create a figure related to the period in which we are all interested.

Next time you decide to grace us all with your witty posts, I strongly suggest you to get some information on the matter discussed before showing yourself as an ignorant, disrespectful ass.

Anda y que te encule un atún, pedazo de gilipollas.

Canary Islands
24th May 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Thanks for the information Miguel. I hope you will let this group know when it is released and your opinion of it.

2nd June 2003john stallard
Well said Miquel, there is no excuse for rudeness, I think it sounds great too!