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23rd May 2003R.D. vs. Wagon Box
By Bob Bennett
I have seen many comparisons between the actions fought at Isandhlwana and the Little Big Horn. But I also see many more similarities between the action fought at R.D. and the Wagon Box Battle (1867). Has anyone else noticed this?
25th May 2003John Young

I've made the comparsion previously on this site sometime back. I also mentioned it a meeting of the Custer Association of Great Britain, whilst a guest of F.W.D. Jackson, about two years ago.

John Y.
28th May 2003Frank Muscal
I always look at the element of time - RD and Isandhlwana occurring on same day. I believe Wagon Box followed Fettermen massacre by approx. six months. There's an interesting battle within battle at Little Big Horn where Reno and Benteen are holding out after indian counterattack that strikes me more as RD following Custer/Isandhlwana defeats but I can't find much on it. Viewing RD and Wagon Box by themselves has many similarities but for me its always the link between RD and Isandhlwana and taking place on same day.

29th May 2003Ian Essex
I'm about a quarter of the way through:
Son of the Morning Star - General Custer and the Battle of the Little Big Horn by Evan S.Connell. Pimlico Books.
May be worth looking out for.