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23rd May 2003Time for FAQs???
By Julian Whybra
Peter and Alan!!! Have you noticed recently how there have been repeats of questions or points raised for the 2nd or 3rd time? A sign of the success of your website? I don't mean to create work for you but....... . Do you think it's time for a 'FAQs' area or an 'Areas Already Covered' section with links to the appropriate dates on the discussion forum. This would help keep the website fresh and save space with repeated questions and answers.
23rd May 2003Martin Everett
Couple of problems I have is that (1) 'Zulu' and 'Zulu Dawn' are very popular films and more that people watch them it becomes fixed in their mind that everything shown in the film is accurate (almost like a 'soap' where the characters become real people and friends of the viewer). So a film v actual slot (on the site could be useful - expanding on the myths.
(2) The battlefield tour guides in KNZ often tell stories that are not truely accurate - for instance - the Pte Robert Jones VC headstone being the wrong way round or the point that Bromhead was really a deaf old duffer.
24th May 2003Keith Smith

Having now logged on to this site almost daily for about 8 months, there is definitely a pattern of items which re-surface periodically and as one might expect, the answers are the same too. I would certainly agree that, given the time and resources, Peter and/or Alan might consider an FAQ section. I only hope that such a move would not disourage fresh approaches to these 'older' matters being raised in the usual way.

24th May 2003Clive Dickens
I completely agree with Martin on this I think his suggestion with deal with this problem admirably, so how about it Peter & Alan
25th May 2003Julian Whybra
Well, Keith, I don't think a FAQs area would deter people from asking 'fresh' questions to well-worn subjects - I do think it would help provide instant answers and opinions to those who were going to ask 'tradtional' well-worn questions (and save an awful lot of space).
Martin, yes, I think your suggestion of a Real vs Hollywood area is a good one.
1st June 2003jock
I aggree that a F A Q area would be good, as im no expert on the PC , so it would help those who dont want to go through the whole site first ( like me ) to find the answer to a
question . id use a FAQ area first before
adding my question to the forum.
Im sure most people would welome the FAQ
section .... great idea Julian .