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25th May 2003how many battles were there?
By paul neville
actually fought in the Zulu war. Starting with Islandlwana, and going through to Ulindi. I read about battles at Ginginulovhu, and Kambala but there is no information about those battles on this site. Can I please get information as to where I can get more information about all the Anglo-Zulu war battles?
25th May 2003John Young

All the major battles and many of the skirmishes are in my book, 'They Fell Like Stones...' - but here's a list of dates and actions:-

12th Jan., 1879 - the assault on Sihayo's homestead.

22nd Jan., 1879 - Battle of Nyezane.

22nd Jan., 1879 - Battle of Isandlwana.

22nd/23rd Jan., 1879 - Defence of Rorke's Drift.

12th March, 1879 - Battle of Ntombe Drift.

28th March, 1879 - Battle of Hlobane.

29th March, 1879 - Battle of Khambula.

2nd April, 1879 - Battle of Gingindlovu.

1st June, 1879 - the death of the Prince Imperial

3rd July, 1879 - the reconnaissance across the White Mfolozi River.

4th July, 1879 - Battle of Ulundi.

Many of the general histories on the Anglo-Zulu War of 1879 list and detail the other actions. Try 'The Washing of the Spears...' for a good start, or 'Brave Men's Blood...'

John Y.