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26th May 2003Visiting the Zulu War battlefields
By John Clark
It looks like 2004 is out, but I hope to be able to visit the Zulu War battlefields in 2005. What is the best time of year for such a trip?
26th May 2003Robert Jones
We visited the battlefields in August 2000.
There were only about 10 other people at Isandlwana so we had the place virtually to ourselves---we were the only ones at Rorke,s Drift and we had a wonderful day there!!
Hope you have a lovely trip.
26th May 2003Ian Essex
Keep in mind that August is South African winter time and believe me, it can get cold. I found January a good time to go. As it's around the time that the battle happened but it can get very crowded. December is also a good time. Weather is excellent and you can be lucky like I was and Robert, and have Rorke's Drift almost to yourself. But whatever you do, try to be there at around dusk. It is a truly un-nerving experience.
27th May 2003Keith Smith

Having visited the battlefields five times now, experience has shown that late April/early May is the best time. January is high summer and you know how the British suffered in January 1879. Alternatively, try late September - I think August might still be a little chilly. Most of the battlefields are at a fairly high altitude and snow is usual up there in winter.

27th May 2003Clive Dickens
I have visited in both March and September of the two I prefered March the weather was just right, You wil find it a trip of a lifetime South Africa is such a beautiful country. I hope to go again in Jan 2004 for the 150th anniversary. I know you will enjoy it when you go.
27th May 2003Neil Aspinshaw
I visited in January, 16-20th.(first visit). The weather was hot but not too overpowering, we found it well worth going then as there were re-enactments on the battle field at Isandlwana.
A few tips, I'm sure most of the lads (and lasses!) who have been have got their own ways of getting there, alot go as part of guided tours.
We booked ours direct from the internet, and saved quite a bit. we stayed at Fugitives Drift Lodge.
Flight, try Thomas cooks internet booking,
direct flights from LHR costs about 600, cheaper if you go via various stopovers!.
We booked our car hire (avis) and The Lodge through Verity at uyaphi safaris' (loads on the net but she was most helpful). cost including accomm about 500. This got us trips out with David Rattray. But I know Isandlwana lodge do good tours.
Driving is really easy, they drive on the left, and most of the roads acroos country have no-one on them, apart from mega overlaoded Hiace vans with about 70 people in them, (care needed there!).
I go with Ian Essex's comment about being at RD at dusk, I like all the people on the lecture with David Rattray am not ashamed to have had tears streaming down my face.
30th May 2003jock
GAWD !! you lot have got me thinking about the trip very strongly now ... i just wish we
could afford the trip , it would take us at least three years to save for it ! BUT its well worth it , and to see R D at dusk sounds brilliant ...i hope i can see R D before i depart this earth
haha .
cheers folks.... you waken something in me evertime i visit this site .