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29th May 2003This may interest a few people?
By Alex Rossiter
Im not sure if this has been posted before?, but i found a website with about 100 zulu war photo's in!!!!....
Theve got photo's of the camp at helpmaker , a huge wagon lagger, all the forts, and a amunition wagon with mule's etc.... it's quite literaly brethtaking....
here's the link
29th May 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Thanks Alex. Well worth a look.
30th May 2003Peter Ewart
Thanks for that, Alex. Been trying to get into the Killie Campbell online catalogue at the Univ of Natal for ages without success. Don't know whether it was me or them, but there's certainly no problem now. Good to see many of the photo album contents online - & presumably more of this catalogue still to be converted.

The collection contains lots of old favourites which have been published many times but among those I'd not seen before are a64-005 and c49-002 (locals standing by the FD grave) as well as a superb shot which appears to depict a cricket match at PMB!

Hadn't seen b41-036/037 before, both apparently at Isandlwana (if correctly identified in the catalogue) and another with a prominent cairn in the foreground but I forgot to note the ref number. The detailed identification and cataloguing of many of the albums is obviously incomplete & would be a huge job even if sufficient staff were to available, although I was slightly surprised to see some very well known Kisch and Lloyd photographs unattributed, including the two Isandlwana wagon pics which have been discussed in detail here recently. Funny to see the lovely 1879 view of Estcourt as I was shown this for the very first time only two days ago !