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30th May 2003Major Henry Spalding
By Joseph
Are there any materials of comments by Spalding as to him missing his moment of glory? Perhaps memoirs or letters home? It must have haunted him to have inadvertantly missed the most outstanding (from the British point of view) moment of the Anglo Zulu War, when he could so easily have been there. Also, when he rode to relieve the drift and found his party inadequate to confront the Zulus laying siege to RD. I wonder did he have regrets for not charging in, joining the defenders, and still laying claim to part of the defence...
31st May 2003Keith Smith

In the aftermath of Isandlwana, there ws much seeking of scapegoats and Spalding was asked for an expalantion of his behaviour on that day. His reply is to be found in WO 33/34, Enclosure B in No. 70, page 241f. This was not well regarded at the time and Spalding remained on the outer, being thought to have behaved badly.
31st May 2003Keith Smith
Sorry Joseph, I should have added that WO 33/34 is a document to be found to the Public Record Office at Kew.
31st May 2003Joseph
Thanks Kevin... I'll look that up. I am interested in something more personal if it exists. As I said, a memoir or letter home which might refer to his feelings toward being almost great.
31st May 2003Trevor
I don't suppose we'll ever no for sure about his feelings. But one of them must have been. "Well. at least I survived" Selfish I no. But very human!