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2nd June 2003Gateling Guns
By jock
Were there Gateling Guns used at rorkes drift ? as they werent seen in the film .
2nd June 2003Keith
No - Gatling guns were not used at Rorke's Drift. They were used elsewhere in Zululand.
Don't forget "Zulu" is a film - not a documentary.
3rd June 2003Chris John
Keith is right - Gatling guns weren't used in Rorke's Drift or Isandhlwana or in any battle in the 1st Invasion for that matter. The Gatling guns came over to South Africa with the re-inforcements in the March 1879 and were used in other battles including Ulundi in July 1879
4th June 2003Bill Cainan

A Gatling was used, by the Navy, in the first invasion - at the battle of iNyezane. This was the episode involving Midshipman Coker.