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By Clive Dickens
I have just received information that the BBC are to screen in their "Timewatch " series the Battle of Isandlwana it is due to be screened towards the end of this year (2003) I have been told that Ian Knight was the advisor for them so it should be good and with the BBC we will not have those advertisements every few minutes.
3rd June 2003Mark Hobson
To add to the above.
Timewatch - Zulu:The Untold Story.
It is due to be shown in Britain sometime in September 2003 and on various satellite channels throughtout the world later. The show has been written and Directed by Tim Robinson who also produced the documentary Napoleon's Lost Army, and will feature contributions from Ian Knight and Dr Saul David, as well as participants descendants. It re-tells the story of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, as well as highlighting how Queen Victoria defended Lord Chelmsford's reputation following the war, and is said to have some extremely moving footage shot at Isandlwana itself.

This is definately one to watch and video.
4th June 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Gentleman. May I ask that at least one of you keep us colonials informed when you have an exact date and time for this program. I will then endeavour to get my father or sister (in Enfield) to record it.
Many thanks