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3rd June 2003original/replica weapons costumes used in the two 'Zulu War' films
By marc jung
Hi, In the Zulu Dawn film, a few rifles looked 'as long as' Martini-Henry's, but shorter, where presumably there weren't enough to go round! In 'Zulu' they seemed to have the right ones. And can anyone tell me if the original tunics in the latter film have been had as collectors' items, stored etc? By the way, missed the 'After they were famous' with 'Dai Bradley' (Pte. Williams, the bane of CSM Williams, who redeemed himself in his eyes just in time to be killed!) What has happened to him? Thanks all! Marc.
3rd June 2003Chris John
Hi Marc.
In Zulu Dawn, they used the carbine version, which was used by men on horseback. In Zulu, they actually did use the proper Martini-Henry rifles which were infantry issue.
3rd June 2003Ian Essex
Dai Bradley said that he was now 48 years old, unemployed and living in a flat in London.
In Zulu you can also see some soldiers using bolt action rifle's, particularly in the firing line scenes.
7th June 2003Alistair Strang
I don't know what happened to the tunics I have never seen them up for sale at movie props websites but if you are looking for one the Sutlers Store sell them along with all the rest of the 1879 soldiers equipment.