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4th June 2003Prince Imperial
By Mark Hobson
Amoungst my many pamphlets and travel guides which I've picked up over the years I recently came across one concerning places of interest in Pietermaritzburg associated with the Prince Imperial. It mentions the route taken by the funeral procession through the city, as well as various buildings of historical interest. Somewhere, it mentions of a Prince Imperial Exhibition at the Cultural Centre in the Voortrekker Museum, with various memorabilia which have been donated by several people. Some were lent by John Young. I wondered if John, or anyone else, can tell me if the exhibition is still on and what there is to see there, as I'm planning a trip to Kwa-Zulu Natal for early next year.

Many thanks.
4th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mark,
The exhibition was certainly there in January 2002. If you want to double try Paul Mcllvenny who lives in PMB and is a AZW registered tour guide: [email protected]
5th June 2003Mark Hobson
Thanks Martin. I'll give Paul Mcllvenny a try. Can you maybe tell me what was in the exhibition?
5th June 2003John Young

I can tell you what I gave to the 'Route Napoleon' project, that found its way into the Voortrekker Museum - mainly illustrations from 'The Graphic' & 'I.L.N.', and a selection of genuine photographs of the French Imperial family, which for some reason were described as 'playing cards' in the exhibition.

There were other exhibits from France, but I couldn't say if they were only on loan.

Frankly I think we had more material at Chatham last week than was on display there.

Hope that's of some use.

John Y.