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4th June 2003New Guidebook to the AZW Battlefields
By Martin Everett
This new handy guide is aimed at the independent tourist to KwaZulu Natal. The format is very simliar to Holt's WW1 guides; written by David Rattray of Fugitive's Drift who is famous for bringing to life the events of 125 years ago. Excellently illustrated. The guidebook will be added to the website shop in the next day or so. But you can reserve a copy now - email: [email protected] Cost 14.95 plus postage and packing. I would be very interested in feedback - anything which you think has been overlooked or perhaps could be improved.
5th June 2003Mark Hobson
My copy arrived yesterday morning, and although I've only just started it, my first impressions are that it's excellent. As you say the illustrations are great, so too the maps which are clear and detailed without being too confusing. The pages are set out in an attractive style, with litterally loads of info to feast upon. It should make for a very handy book for anyone planning a trip out there as well as being a good general book on the Anglo-Zulu War.