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9th June 2003Books
By Richard Waters
Could anyone tell me which books would be the best to read which have very detailed accounts of the battles of Kambula, Hlobane and Ulundi?

9th June 2003Clive Dickens
Try Ian Knights book "Brave men's Blood "
9th June 2003John Young

Try Laband & Thompson's 'The Illustrated Guide to the Anglo-Zulu War', it is their 'Field Guide...' re-worked into a very nice book. This will give you a fairly detailed description of the battles of Hlobane, Khambula & Ulundi.

For Hlobane & Khambula try Ron Lock's 'Blood on the Painted Mountain'.

For detailed accounts from those involved take a look at Emery's 'The Red Soldier'.

The A.-Z.W.R.S. has produced a number of contemporary accounts of all three of the battles, and included in our next issue will be more of the same.

John Y.
10th June 2003Richard Waters
Thank you both, you've been very helpful.

11th June 2003Clive Dickens
I have another one for you which I bought in South Africa it is a lovely little book it covers all the battles in Kwa/Zulu/Natal it is produced by Art Publishers PtyLtd, Durban,Johannesburg and Cape Town The Author is Ken Gillings it has colured Photographs of the battlefields as they are today, it covers battles from Shaka's time right through to the second Boer War and The Zulu Civil War, it cost me all of 3.00 sterling , it is as I say a great little book well worth going to the trouble to get hold of.