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10th June 2003W.W. Lloyd's artwork
By John Young
Does anyone know when W. W. Lloyd actually produced his artwork that later appeared in 'On Active Service'?

Ask because much of the uniform detail is actually based on the post-1881 uniform, 'jampot' cuffs and artillery wearing balled, rather than spiked helmets. Does anyone have any idea?

John Y.
16th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear John,
I think Lloyd came back from South Africa with a large number of sketches. We have recently discovered some truly stunning watercolours by Lloyd of RD, Helpmekaar and Isandhlwana which we hope to publish shortly.

Returning to 'On Active Service' - plate 1 says they were published by Chapman & Hall in 1890. I can only think that Lloyd adapted his earlier sketches (or added to them) depicting universal infantry facings to attract a wider market for his sketches. Interestingly some - plates 5, 10, 13 and 16 do show the green facings of the 24th. Also plate 17 shows camels - I am not aware that Lloyd saw service in Egypt but may have visited there in a civilian capacity.
16th June 2003John Young
Thank you Martin,

I thought it was odd that certain uniform detail was incorrect, a further example is a red torrie being depicted on the glengarry. Something that may have influenced some modern artists.

As to the camels, sadly I don't have that plate, but could it not come from the North West Frontier section?