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11th June 2003Induna on horseback
By Miguel
I think it was Rev. Smith who mentioned seeing a Zulu officer riding a (captured) horse towards Rorke's Drift, being that the reason he mistook the advancing Zulus with NNC.

Did the Zulus know how to mount a horse? I don't think there were horses in Zululand.
11th June 2003Neil Aspinshaw
It was Dublamanze Kampande, senior commander at Rorkes Drift. (Cetshwayo's half brother) There are several pictures well documented images of Dublamanze on his white horse that appear in various books, looks like he had had one millet beer to many!.(him not the horse!!)
11th June 2003paul naish
Yes.A fact overlookedMiguel. There were several score of horses in the Zulu army.
viz Isandlwana and Hlobane (& others)

Their scouts had several .and used their trusty steads to travel considerable distances and provide vital intelligence.They had been in contact with white traders and others for years and had acquired the skills of horsemanship. Look at the Basutho of this era with whom the Zulus had contact,amongst others?
Yes, horses indeed played their part!

11th June 2003Miguel
Thanks for the info, Neil and Paul.

Did they use saddles or did they ride on bare-back?
11th June 2003John Young

I have a photograph of Prince Dabulamanzi kaMpande, mounted on a horse at the time of King Cetshwayo's enthronement. He has a saddle and metal stirrups.

I also have an engraving of him when he "came in", he is mounted in a like style.

There is also a photograph of him on page 80 of Ian Knight's 'Nothing Remains But To Fight', I believe that to be about the time of King Cetshwayo's return from exile.

John Y.
11th June 2003Miguel
John, is it too much trouble for you to send me those pics? If not, please send them to miguel AT (@ not used to avoid spam)
12th June 2003Clive Dickens
It is said that John Dunne taught Prince Dabulmanzi to ride a horse, in Shakas Time the Zulu's looked upon an horse as the" Feet of the White man"