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16th June 200324th Soldiers
By Richard Waters
Does anyone know if there exists a list of all the soldiers of the 24th that fought and died at the battle of Isandlwana?

And if there is could you tell me where to find it?

16th June 2003Dave Nolan

If you are just interested in the soldiers of the 24th then there is no book better than N Holme's 'The Noble 24th' - the Museum at Brecon sells it. As well as the names it gives service histories and some biographical information too.

Other books list the men including J Young 'They Fell Like Stones' - an expanded casualty list, N Holme 'The Silver Wreath' - superseded by 'The Noble 24th' , J Whybra 'The Roll Call' - difficult to get hold of and only a list of names.

16th June 2003Justin
Hi Richard

Try 'The Noble 24th' by Norman Holme - you can get this through 'The naval and military Press' or order it from any book shop.
This amazing piece of work will give you biographical details of all soldiers that served with the 1st and 2nd 24th during the Zulu War plus full casualty lists for Isandhlwana (and a very small list of the 24th survivors!) - also Rorkes Drift participents.

If you want a book with full lists of casualties of every regiment at every battle and action- try and get 'They Fell Like Stones by John Young'- this has been out of print for a few years but if you put out a book search you will easily get a copy- this is a must have book!!

16th June 2003Julian Whybra
Can I throw in a small self-advertisement here - I produced an article correcting the errors and omissions re Isandhlwana in N Holme's book for Issue 108 of the SOTQ called More Noble 24th.
16th June 2003l.j.knight
dear julian;
is the said article still available,best wishes.
16th June 2003Justin
Hi Julian

Your article sounds very interesting but I'm not sure what the SOTQ is.

17th June 2003Roger Clifton
My money's on Soldiers Of The Queen.
17th June 2003Dave Nolan
Roger - What race is 'Soldiers of The Queen' running in? - should we all be backing it? Dave
17th June 2003Patrick Sammon
I have seen some listings of Isandhlwana casualties for the 24th, but one flaw is the fact that these listings do not give the names by company. I know that there were five companies of the 1/24th and one company of the 2/24th, but how many of the men who fell were from the other 10 companies? or from the two battallion headquarters?
19th June 2003Julian whybra
Wow, lots to catch up on.
Dave, SOTQ is indeed Soldiers of the Queen - secretary Raplh Moore-Morris, 3 Franks Rd., Guildford, Surrey GU2 9NT.
The Roll Call is difficult to get and is not just the 24th men but all participants at RD and Isan (and I have addenda for it anyway) - the whole I intend to publish as a revamped article in the autumn (finishing touches being applied now) and to be offered to the RZWS c/o John Young.
Patrick, connecting men to companies is almost impossible for many of the 24th. Some are known (see Norman Holme's two books) especially those at RD. C coy 2/24th is known. Some individuals are known from relatives - I know that Pvte Whybrow was in H coy for example. Otherwise no joy I'm afraid.