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16th June 2003Please, is it really true about queuing for ammo at Isandhlwana?!
By Marc Jung
Thanks again to: Miguel, Diana, Sheldon. Myth, just like queuing for ammo at Isandhlwana! (it seems!) Did any survivors at the latter actually say this happened on the battlefield? Or is this our victorian chums trying to make up for a bad day? Mind you, one would think that the government of the time wouldn't want to admit to 'red-tape' of the highest stupidy like that, so where did this 'originally' come from? Thanks, Marc.
16th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Marc,
I believe the answer is more obvious. You can fire 70 rounds (that's assuming that the soldiers in the picquet line had the full complement) within 12 minutes. Sheer number of Zulus and therefore targets - meant the ammo carriers (drummer boys) could not resupply the line fast enough because of the distance involved from the picquet line to the wagon park. Visit the battlefield and it becomes very clear. Just an infantry soldiers view.
17th June 2003Julian whybra
This subject has previously been covered in detail on this website if you check back so to avoid repeating details the answer is briefly 'no' for the redcoats (controlled volleys and an adequate and organized ammunition supply such as the evidence reveals was carried out really should knock this old chestnut on the head) and 'maybe for some' for the NNH (which was resupplied just as it withdrew from the donga by Davies's party).