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18th June 2003The best one-liner in "Zulu"
By Simon Copley
What's yours? My top 10 are:
Well they've got a very good bass section, mind. But no top tenors, that's for sure (Pt Owen)
I've made a soldier outa you (Maxfield)
Who do you think is coming to wipe out your little command? The Grenadier Guards? (Adendorff)
Nothing to hold a man in his grave... (Pt Thomas)
You're the professionals - you fight here if you want to (Stevenson)
You're all going to die! (Witt)
What's the use even if you do win? We're all gonners anyhow (Gunner Howarth)
In the throat? What a pity! The man was a great bass-baritone (Pt Owen)
Damn you Chard! Damn all you butchers! (Reynolds)
Well he's a dead paper-hanger now (Reynolds)
18th June 2003Gary Laliberty
Hi Simon,
Well, I don't have 10, but here are the ones I like:

Mr. Chard Sir! Patrol has come back, Zulus have gone, all of 'em. It's a miracle! (CS Bourne)
If it's miracle Colour Sergeant, it's a short chamber Boxer Henry, point 45 caliber miracle. (Lt. Chard)
And a bayonet Sir! With some guts behind it! (CS Bourne)

18th June 2003neil aspinshaw
forgive me but my seven year old son Harry does them far better than me.
a) "Whats for lunch".."same as usual horsemeat and axle grease"
b) "what about the money you sent my old woman"
c) " did I see a zulu walk down the city road .. no!"
d) "did you here that 712 he's a peeler come to arrest the zuluuuu's"
e) "more spit!"
f) "ah well.. there is such a thing as gifted amertures!"
g) "your all going to die...diiiiiiiiiiieee!"
h) "its the soup sir!"
i) " a the distance?"
k) "one of my men hook.. hes a thief, a coward and an insubordinate barrack room lawyer AND YOU'VE GIVEN HIM A RIFLE.

18th June 2003Phil Read
Just about everything that Colour Sergeant Bourne says. If I had to select a favourite though, it would be when Tommy (I think that's his name) says he wants to go back to farming. He says '.....the soil, there's no moisture in it - nothing to hold a man in his grave.' Wonderful!
18th June 2003A. Maniac
Does anybody know who this 'Tommy' was and who the top tenor and bass-baritone mentioned by Ivor Novello were?
18th June 2003Chris John
Mine favourite parts are:
1) Well theres daft it is then, i dont see no sense in running to fight a battle!
2)all Col-Sgt Bourne says

And A Maniac, Tommy is unknown, but the top-tenor was John Williams and the bass-baritone was 470 George Davies
19th June 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
My all time favourite that has yet to be mentioned is Col-Sgt Bourne's classic.
“Do your collar up lad, where do you think you are?”
19th June 2003Roger Clifton
And of course "Can I undo me tunic now sir?"
19th June 2003Alan Critchley
My favourites are the ones which I have put on the polo shirts in the shop section.
1) Why us? (Cole)
Because we're 'ere lad. Nobody else. Just us. (Bourne)
2) Al...right then! Nobody told you to stop workin'! (Bourne)
3) Do be quiet now will you? There's a good gentleman. (Bourne)
4) Rather you asked first old boy! (Bromhead to Chard)

There are so many to choose from, but they're all brilliant!
20th June 2003Martin Heyes
Every line is brilliant, but my favourite is when Witt's daughter (played by Liv Ullmann??), comes into the barrack block to get the wounded onto the wagons. Adendorff says to her:-
"Do you know Cetshwayo has a Regiment of women, called "Ripen at Noooooooo.""
That line just cracks me up!
Also Chard to Miss Witt; "I don't suppose you hold the Queen's commission, do you Miss. Witt?"
Closely followed by Chard, to Witt,
"When I have the impertinence to climb into your pulpit...."
20th June 2003TREVOR
Every word spoken by Richard Burton. It didn't really matter what he said. The emotion and tone in his voice was fantastic for the film.
20th June 2003Simon Copley
Martin, thanks for those, I had forgotten them!. I think it was Schiess not Adendorff who makes that rather suggestive comment, but your typing catches the prononciation brilliantly!
21st June 2003Andrew
My favourite is:

"At one hundred yards volley fire present, fire! Reload, independant fire at will!"
22nd June 2003Alan Critchley
Another classic is Bromhead talking to Adendorf who is explaining the Horns of the Buffalo.

"Sounds... jolly simple' (B)
"Oh, it's jolly deadly old boy" (A)
"Well done Adendorf, we'll make an Englishman of you yet! (B)
22nd June 2003Melvin Hunt
Bromhead: "Well chnin, chin and do carry on with your mud pies."
The above thread re inforces my belief that Zulu is the best film ever. Lets face it we could write out the whole script.
It doesn't matter that there are historical innacuracies. It doesn't matter that Hookie was portrayed incorrectly and that the zulus didn't really appear to salute at the end. The real facts emerged as the film spurred us all on to find out more about Rorkes Drift and the rest of the War. The popularity of everthing anglo -zulu today ie, books, web sites, societies, visits to the battle fields etc, stems from the film. It doesn't matter that there might be a remake. Nothing can detract from the original. It will always be around. Unsurpassed location, music, script, and as the thread above shows, great charactors and acting.
I think that more recent film producers might take a leaf out of Stanley Bakers and Cy Enfields shoes because once the novelty of computor generated gore and explosions wears off with the paying public, there is going to be a decline in cinema attendance figues again.
Oops, sorry. I've gone off on one.
5th July 2003Martin Heyes
Thank you very much for correcting me - you are of course absolutely correct - it was Schiess. And I should have eneded "nooooon"
with the "n," which was somehow omitted! I am all the more mortified as I pride myself on being someone who knows EVERY line in the film!
What about:- " Beg pardon Sir. About the soooop Sir."
And:- "Am I to take a rifle as well Sir?"
(Studiously ignored by Bromhead)!!!!!
5th July 2003patrick sammon
Excellent topic!!!

Zulu is one of those rare films that provides a good mix of great action and excellent wordplay. the result is a garrison of believable characters instead of a bunch of stereotyped assegai fodder!! even if the real Hook was not like the movie Hook of if Colour Serjeant Bourne was actually younger and shorter in stature than Nigel Greene's version, so what! the excellent script of "Zulu" has presented believable individuals who an audience could identify with, as they cheer their heroism, shudder at their peril, and honor their courage!
7th July 2003Simon Copley
Thanks Patrick, and to you Martin for those great Kerry Jordan lines which continue of course..."This gentleman told me to put it on the fiyaaaah sah"
and I love a lot of Paul Daneman's (Maxfield) wonderfully enunciated lines esp:
"Pick up your bayonettttt and help-p Williams-s-s. And put your tunic oooooonnn!
20th July 2003steve forster
Ddon't think you could ever beat "zulu's to the south west sah (pause) thoUsands of em!" classic!!
13th February 2005Craig Blackwell
Has anyone noticed that in Ridley Schotts film Gladiator that the barberian hords war chant befor the first battle sounds the same as the Zulu war chant or do i like Zulu to much?
( O bijove its horses! )
14th February 2005Michael Boyle

Yes, it has been noted but Ridley writes it off as coincidence.(Just another closet Zulu fan I say!)

"I'm excused duty!"
"Well I 'aven't excused you!"
"Why didn't ya say so?!"(picking up his MH)


8th March 2005s p mann
For me:

"L'll get my man to clean your kit" (Bromhead to Chard)
"Don't bother"
"No bother - wasn't offering to do it myself"