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19th June 2003Mounted infantry in SA 1878-9
By Justin Young
Could anyone tell me if the was ever a list/lists made of soldiers that served in the mounted infantry during the campaigns in 1878 and the Zulu war in 1879- I've only ever seen lists of those troopers that were either killed or survived Isandhlwana but am aware that many other soldiers served from Regiments such as the 1/13th, 80th, 2/3rd, 2/4th etc.

Any help on this would be much appreciated

20th June 2003Julian Whybra
Can I refer you to my article in SOTQ Issue 58/9 Jany 1990 'No 1 Squadron Imperial Mounted Infantry May 1877-Jany 1879".
This listed all the members of No. 1 Squadron, and all those present (kia and survived) at Isandhlwana. One addendum was published in a later Issue. For your information in shortened form:
1. Pvte Edward Turner 1/24th kia
2. QMS Wm johnson 80th kia
3. Farr-Sergt Henry Sampson 9th Lancers kia
4. Pvte John McStravick 6th Drag Gds kia
5. Pvte James Shaw 2/3rd kia
6. Pvte Geo Wheatley 2/3rd kia
7. Pvte Geo Chesterton 80th kia
8. Pvte Edwin Holman 80th kia
9. Pvte Wm McDonald 80th kia
10 Shoe-Sm Wm Seymour 80th kia
11. Pvte joseph Whitehouse 80th kia
12. Corp John McCan 1/24th surv
13. Pvte Henry Davis 1/24th surv
14. Pvte Wm Parry 1/24th surv
15. Pvte John Power 1/24th surv
16. Pvte Samuel Wassall 80th surv
17. Pvte Thos. Westwood 80th surv
18. Pvte Edward Evans 2/3rd surv
19. Pvte Daniel Whelan 1/13th surv
20 Sergt Patrick Naughton 2/3rd surv
and the addendum
21. Pvte John Gascoighe 2/3rd surv
If you find the article difficult to obtain, let me know, I'll send it to you.
Re the 2nd Squadron, which took no aprt in Isandhlwana, I've been engaged in researching its members for the last year. The task has been a difficult one and I have a roll three quarters complete. I shall eventually publish this as an article.