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23rd June 2003Hospital Fire
By Trevor Finney
If the Hospital hadn't caught fire. Do you think the defenders of RD would have been able to hold out that night?
24th June 2003Andrew
I believe so because the Zulu shouted their war cries and their shield and spears would make a noise because they weren't secure.
I believe that the defenders would have been able to hold out.
26th June 2003Chris John
This can be debatable! But nearly no-one knows about the dog, Pip, who used to bark along the stretch of wall that the Zulus were crawling up to because he could smell them. Without the hospital fire, the zulus would have easily got into the compound or at least up to the walls!
26th June 2003A.Maniac
What would have stopped the British themselves from firing the hospital roof if they deemed it to be that necessary? As demonstrated in the film it could have been done by firing a bullet through the thatch. On the other hand I doubt if anyone there had seen the film so maybe this would not have been that easy after all!
28th June 2003Samuel
i dont think the BRITS would have wanted to set the hospital on fire. It musta been hectik tryin to get the wounded out of there!