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28th June 2003VIDEOS or TV SHOWS
By samuel smithington
are their any videos or telivision specials about the ZULU WaR? i know of that IAN KNIGHT special that aired a while back, but is there any more. I would likee to get them taped.
Sammy S,
29th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Sammy,
I am sure thast the AZW devotees will be able to tell you what is already available on tape (bearing in mind copyright limitations). BBC Timewatch team have just finished filming in KwaZulu Natal and the programme is due to be broadcast on BBC2 TV in September/October this year. There is another prodction planned on Rorke's Drift from production company October Films to be shown on Ch4 and Discovery round about 125th in January 2004. There is a programme which includes footage about Cpl Allen VC on Living TV in the next few days and another from Video by Design about Brecon and Breconshire which covers the Barracks and 24th Regiment again on Living TV Channel. I do not have exact date/timing for these last two productions. So I have not been idle.
29th June 2003Gary Laliberty
Well, I can think of only two right now:

"Shaka Zulu" 1986 a six part TV series

"Zulu Wars" 1997 a three-episode series made for The Discovery Channel

29th June 2003Joseph
Gary- I don't think "Shaka" is a good reference for the Anglo-Zulu War, but it is interesting if you enjoy earlier Zulu time periods. There are several documentaries out there about the AZW.
29th June 2003Gary Laliberty
Hi Joseph,
I understand your point, BUT; If someone wanted to understand HOW and WHY the small zulu clan, became the most powerful nation in southern Africa. One needs to understand how Shaka came to power and build the great Zulu kingdom. And why the British (Sir Henry Edward Bartle Frere, High Commissioner to the Cape) was convinced that the Zulu kingdom, was the block to the policy of Confederation in southern Africa.

30th June 2003Joseph
Point well made! I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was just making the point that Shaka has nothing to do with the Zulu War as Samuel was asking about. I'm also sure that the film "Shaka" is as rife with errata as the two Zulu War films. Therefore, it should only be observed as an interesting dramatic look at the time and not very historical.
30th June 2003Andrew
There are 2 documentaries that I would recommend:
The Zulu War , Which is a four part series and was on UKHistory a few months ago

Line Of Fire: Rorke's Drift, A good description of the battle
30th June 2003Sammy
I just cant wait to go out there and search for each one that you recommanded! GARY- I might watch SHAKA after I get done with all the rest IF I CAN!!! Its just not about the war, which I wanted. Im from CANADA, but I have a pencil pal in ENGLAND who might be able to get these. and the format isnt a problem for me vcr!