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30th June 2003Khambula
By Simon Copley
Reading about this battle (which was actually the crucial battle of the 1879 war) I can't help but be impressed bt Evelyn Wood's tactical awareness. Would he have made a better job of commanding the central column or had he already learned lessons from that? What do we think? (I know he did mess up at Hlobane somwhat!). Also, is this battle the subject of any films etc?
30th June 2003John Young

At least some of your praise should be laid at the door of Major Charles John Moysey, who was Henry Evelyn Wood's senior Royal Engineer officer, and the designer of the fortifications at Khambula. Moysey was not present at the engagement, but Wood obviously thought he was worthy of praise. That may well be why he received the Brevet of Lieutenant-Colonel.

Would he have made a better commander of No. 3 Column? I'd like to think so, but I'm biased with him being a local man to where I live. Yes, I believe, he was influenced by the events of 22nd January, in his conduct of the action at Khambula. I'm certain that having "off his head" Alan Gardner around didn't help matters much either.

Had he been at Isandlwana, would he have responsed differently? I think he would have. Would the outcome have been any different? It would have depended on the casualties inflicted on the attacking Zulu force, I think.

But these are all "what ifs?" Had there been no Isandlwana, there would have been no Rorke's Drift - no Rorke's Drift - no website.

To my knowledge Khamula is not the subject of films.

John Y.
30th June 2003A. Maniac
My knowledge of the battles of the other two columns is rather scanty. Hence, I was wondering if you have any plans to write an overview for the website? I for one would appreciate it.
30th June 2003John Young
I take it that you are mindreader as well?

Alan Critchley and I were only discussing this last week.

John Y.
1st July 2003Simon Copley
John, thanks. I think Kambula certainly deserves more recognition. Go for it!
1st July 2003Simon Copley
I'll do it if you want!!!