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30th June 2003Name that Drift!!!
By Samuel Smithington, not Smithingtone like I accidentaly put, on last topic!
Like tons of things, Rorkes Drift is spelled 2 ways:
Rourke's Drift
Rorke's Drift

I am assuming most people use RORKE because that was rorkes last name. But how did the other spelling come about? Are there any other spellings (probably not)? Was the drift going to be named something else at 1 time? I am almost positive that these question has been answered millions if not ZILLIONS! of times, but I have not the heart to look through 40+ pages!
Thnaks once again,
30th June 2003Martin Everett
Dear Samuel,
I can only say buy the book - see shop. But to answer your question the trading post - later mission station was named after trader James Rorke who is buried there. His headstone spells his name RORKE so one can assume this is the correct spelling.
30th June 2003John Young

Save spending too much look on the link-

The name Rorke or Rourke is Irish in origin, the latter being the one in more common use, hence the confusion. Some elements of the British press opted for the spelling they knew - the misspelling rendered as 'Rourke's Drift'.

John Y.