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30th June 2003Ringtone
By Adrian Whiting
Should you find yourself with a moment or two, and should you have grown tired of your mobile phone's selection of ringtones, try keying this one in via the composer function-

16c2, 16-, 16c2, 16-,2c2, 32-,16e2, 2-,2c2, 16f2, 4-, 8a1, 4(sharp)a1, 8-, 16a1, 32-, 16-, 2g1, 4-, 8a1, 4(sharp)a1, 8-, 16a1, 32-, 16-, 2g1, 4-, 16c1, 16-, 16c1, 16-, 2c1, 32-, 16e1, 2-, 2c1, 16f1, 4-, 8a1, 4(sharp)a1, 8-, 16a1, 32-,16-, 2g1.

This is set out for Nokia 3000 series - where the final digit indicates the octave.

I am sorry but I take no responsibility for you constantly getting people to ring you so you can listen to it !

If there are any (technical) queries, best get hold of me by e-mail, and finally, don't play it in public - I expect you'll need a performance licence !
8th July 2003Ian
Thanks Adrian I'll have a go at that!!