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2nd July 2003martini-henry mk2
By L.J.Knight
does anybody out there have have any idea
where i could obtain a replica martini-mk2. thank you.
2nd July 2003neil aspinshaw
Doubt very much they exist even. look at Jason Makins excellent site (link on this website) . Jason also mentions repros. you can buy some rubber repro's from the film the four feathers (if still available),
I liase with Barry Iaocopi from NZ and a couple of other MH owners, you might have to go the full hogg and by an original.
Mark 11's are like the proverbial rocking horse poo!. you might get a mark 111, most likely you'll get a Mk4. both of which will set you back best part of £500+. Mine is a MK4, with a short lever, there is some conjecture that this has been altered from a long lever MK4 sometime during its past.
check out for originals, be sitting down when you see the prices being fetched!.
3rd July 2003Joseph
L. J.,
If you mean a functional replica , they do not exist. As Neil said you can find dummy prop MH's at different locations. I bought one from Fulton of Bisley to use whenever I am doing a living history impression at a locale that won't allow functional firearms.

Oh and I own an unaltered MH MkI that I found out of Canada last yea. So, the rare ones are out there if you have patience, good timing, and are willing to part with a bit if cash.
Good Luck,
3rd July 2003Barry Iacoppi NZ
Neil and Joseph are spot on. They just don’t make repro Martinis. If the Italians could get over their obsession with cowboy guns I am sure they would find a lucrative market for a repro Martini. I’d buy one for a start.

4th July 2003Joseph
Here Here! WEll said Barry. I too would buy one. SO... How many of us have emailed Uberti and Pedersoli to show interest in a repro MH as Jason requests on his website?

I know I have!
5th July 2003neil aspinshaw
Barry and Joseph
my cheque is already written out ready to send!.
7th July 2003L.J.Knight
thank you all for your reply's, when i get one i will reveal my source.
7th July 2003Al Turner
MKII's seem to be more available here in The States, I see a few each year that are for sale, and in rather good condition. The prices do tend to vary..a good MKII in original condition, with "matching markings" should bring between 1,800 to 2,300 U.S.
8th July 2003Joseph
By your last post... do you mean you know of a source for replica MH's? There are many living history/reenactors who'd rather have a replica to bang around in the field than their originals.
8th July 2003Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
I could be mistaken but many of the MKIIs that turn up in the States come via Canada. We sure don’t see many here in New Zealand and I have yet to ever see a MKI for sale. Not that I could afford it. The price you quote Al is enough for my wife and I to fly to the U.K. and back or to put it another way for one of us to fly around the world twice. Big money.
Joseph has it right when he says many of us would prefer to shoot a good reproduction then to continue to increase the ware and tare on our originals.
Every time you fire a few rounds and then clean your rifle it wares a little. Every time you slip it in and out of the gun slip some of the original finish disappears. Yes I know that the amount of ware is minute but if every successive owner wares the rifle a little they will in time be but a shadow of their former selves. I shoot all my Martinis but not as much as I would like for this very reason.
I would love to see a good “British” made repro like Parker Hale did with the Enfield musket using original gauges, but failing that we all know that the Italians make the best historic repros in the world. One should remember that the wooden stocks on service Martini Henrys were of Italian Walnut so the Italians did have some input into the original.

8th July 2003Joseph
You couldn't be more correct. I believe the source for good MH's these days is Canada... at least here in the States.

I DID get lucky and found a MkI for sale on Again this was out of Canada.

I got it at a relative steal too, just under what Al said the price range for a MkII is. So... lesson to learn... keep searching and don't pass it up when you find it. (right gun at right price).

A good friend of mine also found a MkI for sale out of Canada. Both his and mine are unaltered, still have brass/bronze pin and chequered butt plates.
Anyone know if Parker Hale has been approached about the MH?
8th July 2003Joseph
My ignorance just reared its ugly head... I just read that they (parker hale) were bought out in 2000 and no longer produce firearms. That's a shame.
9th July 2003A M Banks
I recently sent a very good replica of a M-H to the National Army Museum (Chelsea, UK). Made somewhere on the Pakistani NW Fronier, I was given it in Kabul earlier this year. If you want to have a look at it, Martin Hinchcliffe is the man to talk to at the Museum. This doesn't help you with obtaining one, but it'll show you what to look for. Hope this helps.

9th July 2003Joseph
I have heard of "copies" or replicas being made in that region. I believe Jason deals with that subject on the Martinihenry website. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but that would be more of a knockoff than a replica. They aren't in business supplying replica MH's to the world market, but rather... after the influence of the British army in the area, they copied the rifle to supply as a cheaper verson of the original to tribes and whatnot. I doubt they still make them currently. Very interesting acquisition though. Thanks AMB,
11th July 2003A M BANKS

You are quite correct. Not sure if they are still made actually. Certainly .303s seem more common now.

12th July 2003John Sukey
Bought a MkII out of Belgium earlier this year for $700, but it was a commercial one. A MkIII would serve as well as a Mk1 as they look the same. Its the MkIV that has a distinctly different reciever and there are three patterns of that, only one of which takes the socket bayonet.

I agree the best chance would be to get someone like Pedersoli or Uberti to make a modern one, but in 45-70 rather than 577-450.