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7th July 2003Replica assegai and shield
By Jonathan Hicks
Does anyone know of a supplier of a replica Zulu assegai and/or a shield? I'd like to buy some demonstration items for a talk I'm doing in the autumn at the local university. I'm also after a blank M-H cartridge.

Many thanks,
7th July 2003neil aspinshaw
Try the place in nottingham that I have mentioned. They have sheilds, knobkerries etc on stock. I also bought my MH cartridge from there. Also try a place on the web, go to then type in Martini Henry as a search. There is firm on there selling cases designed to take 9mm blank rounds so you can make them go bang!.
Be aware though if you do want your MH to go bang, even blanks you will have to licence!.
happy hunting

11th July 2003Chris Tapster
Jonathan, are you by any chance my old buddy from D Company 1 Yorks? If so, please do get in touch. I'm very involved in Zulu/Boer War research and reenactment and have one or two bits which might be of interest.


11th July 2003John Young

Depends where your talk is, but if push comes to shove, I could loan you the items you require.

John Y.
13th July 2003Jonathan Hicks
Thanks for the replies everyone.
Neil - Trident don't seem to have any at present.
Chris - no, I'm not him, sorry.
John - very generous offer but I'd like to try and acquire my own, so if anyone does know of a supplier of replica assegais and shields please let me know. Jonathan
14th July 2003John Young

Have you tried an e-bay search? It might prove to be fruitful.

John Y.