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13th July 2003Dunne's Account
By Jonathan Hicks
I'm trying to verify the original source for Walter Dunne's account of Rorke's Drift. I've read it was published in 'The Waggoner' in April, but I'm not sure as to the year. Was it 1881?

Any help appreciated!

13th July 2003Peter Ewart


It looks as if it may have been 1891. According to the blurb on the rear of the dust jacket of Ian Bennett's "Eyewitness in Zululand" (Greenhilll, 1989), Dunne's "reminiscences ... were discovered after lying hidden in the archives of the Royal Corps of Transport for nearly a century. Written for the first issues of the "Army Service Corps Journal" in 1891..." etc etc. In the bibliography the "Army Service Corps Journal", 1891-1908 is cited.

With regard to a date of the completion of his reminiscences, or whether they may have been published elsewhere first, I take it as implied that they were produced for publication in the new ASC Journal in 1891.