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14th July 2003photo swopshop.
By neil aspinshaw
Is there any contributors out there who want to start some kind of photo swop?, after my visit in Jan I missed some vital images in the story, chatting to Mel Hunt on e-mail Mel had the same problem. Mine was that my SLR was overexposing, hence the fugitves trail images I took was a complete disaster, & we didn't take the digital. Mel needed views of the Fugitives Drift from the Oskerberg.
All that is needed is a want's list so we can either e-mail good JPEG's or those of us who have CD re-writers could do copies of our particulally good ones?


14th July 2003Alex Rossiter
In a few years ill hopefully try to visit zululand , when i do i will take at least 5 cameras and maybe 20 film's just incase something happened to the cameras etc
15th July 2003Keith Smith
Neil et al.

I have visited pretty well every site in Zululand with the sole exception that I have not travelled down the fugitive's trail. If you need any photographs, I would be pleased to let you have copies via email. The only shot I have of Fugitive's Drift is from the Melvill/Coghill memorial.

Keith Smith
15th July 2003Melvin Hunt
I have some nice pics of the Trail. The pics I took from the top of the Biggarsberg looking down onto Isandlwana did not come out well.
I would like to see a pic taken from the top of Shiyane looking towards Fugitives Drift.
Has anyone taken a pic from the top of Isandlwana looking down the Fugitives Trail?
Would it be possible to create a photo gallery on the site which we could down load as and when?
15th July 2003Alan Critchley

we have thought of an accessible library of pics. We will let the forum know when this is done. We would obviously need to have some form of limit to quantity and size of image.

By the way, an easier way to view the Fugitives' Trail is from Black's Koppie. A much easier climb.

[email protected]
16th July 2003neil aspinshaw
The library is a great idea, surely if they are kept in thumbnail size we could downoad them in fairly reasonable size/ quality?.

I would be happy, (and I guess that most regular contributors would be also) to send you a cd of my images, to form a comprehensive database. Why not do a CD version for sale on the site?, many regulars who have never been to SA are always bombarded with the same old images in the books? ( I hasten to add David rattrays new book has some very good "fresh" images). If not The site, what about RRW?,
Skimming through the books there are very few iamges of
a) Rorkes Drift, both the drift itself and specific images around the Mission itself.
b) The rear of Isanlwana,the saddle and the view down the fugitives trail from Isandl. The view back to Isandlwana from the British Firing line.
c) Ngwebeni gorge, Durnfords Donga and Fugitives drift, at River level.
Before my visit to the area I found it difficult to "orientate" myself to the battlefields, perhps this would hepl no end?.


16th July 2003Neil Aspinshaw
Sorry for the abysmal typing on that one lads!, that will pay me to check my message before I send it.
20th July 2003Melvin Hunt
Tried to contact you but your e mail address returns my message.
Can you contact me?