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17th July 2003hospital
By Samuel Smitington
In the movie ZULU, all the Soldiers were dirty, the deafenders and the zulus who were supposed to look like they had been killed, really REALLY looked like the had been killed, and they looked like real wounds!!! Does anyone know how they did that? I guess it was the magic of the movies, unless people gave up their lives for the seen, which i am sure they didnt not :) :)
17th July 2003Richard Waters
Everytime I watch Zulu it wrecks my brain trying to think of how they have those spears going in people. Drives me nuts!
19th July 2003John Sukey
People who are going to get stabbed had a block of wood over a steel plate under their uniforms. Not to mention the wonders of film editing. Note that the spears don't go in very far.
25th July 2003Slasher Morgan
Hi guys, I'm the Surgeon with the 1879 Goup and I know that when I make up wounds for demonstration purposes I use the age old golden treacle, coffee and cocheneal food colouring mixture. Not only does it look like real fresh blood it can be adjusted for arterial or veinal blood and being sweet attracts flies like billio. Excellent.( and very cheap to make) Have a close look at some of the assegai blades, I may be wrong but some look like half blades which, with a bit of clever cutting by the editor as John suggests, would appear to stab nicely. They would also burst a blood bag without any problem, soaking the victims shirt. Something to consider while we're having our lunch.