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19th July 2003John Dunn
By Gary S. Edinger
I have always been fascinated by John Dunn – the “white Zulu”. I am aware of a book credited to him entitled “Cetswayo and the Two Generals” which is said to be semi-autobiographical (and sells for $1,000 or so). I have also read that his mixed race descendants held on to their land and political rights long after the remainder of the country succumbed to apartheid. My question is whether there are any published biographies of this intriguing fellow?
19th July 2003Andrew Banks
Yes, there is a book:
JOHN DUNN, White Chief Of Zululand by Charles Ballard, published by AD Donker 1985. ISBN 0-86852-006-3.
It's an interesting read. I hope this helps.

26th July 2003Gary S. Edinger
Thanks Andrew.
I checked on Amazon. They show the book as presently unavailable, but they are pretty good about filling wishlist orders.
27th July 2003paul naish
I am in touch with one of the Nunn family (his grandfather was an advisor to Hamu, Cetswayo's half brother)who married into the Dunn clan all those years ago. There is a book entitled "The Royal Zulu feather" which deals with the life and times of these interesting people . I hope to see it soon when I meet up with Mr Dunn (jnr) on a hike I intend to do in Namibia soon. When I do, I will give you my report.
Yours aye, paul.
29th July 2005Rich
Gentlemen: may or may not have seen this but Mr. Knight has done a recent article titled "The White Zulu" in Military illustrated magazine. Pretty tough guy going back to old Cetsh to get his cattle back after seeing Cetshwayo destroy Mbuyazi's army.