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20th July 2003Nepal releases Martinis for sale in U.S.
By Barry Iacoppi N.Z.
Gentleman. I just received the e-mail below from Bruce in the U.S. Sounds like some very good news for the U.S. Martini fans and perhaps some spin off for the rest of us.I thought it would also be of interest to those readers of this forum who are looking to buy a Martini Henry. The words “accessories and accoutrements” excite me. If any of you get more detailed information please post it here. I’ll pass on our thanks to Bruce.

Just received a copy of a magazine I subscribe to called: Gun List. In it IMA (International Military Antiques) states that they and Smokey Mountain Knife Works are importing the remaining Martini rifles and accessories from the Armoury in Nepal. They will have them for sale in August. Sounds like more than a few.
Have divided them into Short lever dated in the 1870"s, Short lever 1880's, and long lever types. Prices start at about $800 US. Listed as in GOOD condition. They also have 3 different bayonets), I will have to find it again but it may also be a blade type bayonet. I am unsure what other accoutrements they have.
I was going to try and post this to the SOTQ forum but can't log on. Thought I would also give you the initial "heads up "on this. Hope it turns out as well as it is advertised! If you wish, please post to SOTQ.
Cheers, Bruce