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23rd July 2003Less VCs to buy, more the price?
By George M
If you go to the site :

you find that 2003 has the least sales as compared to the previous year, which in turn had less sale than 2001, and so on.
Also, the price seems to have increased.
Has any one else noticed this?
23rd July 2003Martin Everett
You should be aware that there is one serious collector in the world who is out- bidding everyone else. This collector currently holds about 70-80 VCs.
24th July 2003George M
I See, Martin. Does he sell the VCs. Or does he plan to?
24th July 2003Martin Everett
Dear George,
I think there is plan to set up a museum. I suggest you wait until this collector drops out of the market.
24th July 2003George
You suggest the price will go down after that, or will it go up?
24th July 2003Martin Everett
Dear george,
I am suggesting at the moment, any VC which comes on the market will be purchased by this collector who has very deep pockets. Out of the 14 VCs involved in the events of 22/23 January 1879, only two are in private collections.
25th July 2003Martin Everett
Dear George,

I forgot to add that since 9/11 and down turn in the world's stock markets. Many more people are seeing medal collecting as a better bet to invest their money.
25th July 2003george M
thanks for the info, Martin!
Maybe its a good thing to buy, if you can beat this duo you talk off.