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24th July 2003The man who ran away while the Prince Imperial was being attacked and eventually killed
By Daniel

24th July 2003Daniel
I dont understand why its messing up? Thats the second time it did that on me!!!

What I asked was what happened to the guy who ran away from the Prince Imp? Also what was his name? I know his commrades didnt think very highly of him after that one!
25th July 2003Peter Ewart

Lt JB Carey. Not sure he ran away from the P/Imp but he did run (or ride) away from the Zulus. Had the P/Imp managed to mount his horse successfully he too would have ridden away.

Some of Carey's superiors thought less of him after the P/Imp's death, others apparently not so. I suspect many of his peers thought "there, but for the grace of God, go I. "

Had the Prince's death not occurred that day it would surely have happened the next, or perhaps the day following, so keen was he to behave in an unsoldierly (although to him, soldierly) manner in the presence of the enemy.

Donald Featherstone wrote an account of the affair but I fancy Ian Knight's book is the most comprehensive and in my opinion his best book so far.