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30th July 2003chard child?
By jacky chard
it it true tat chard fathered childs? i think i might be related to him if it did!!!!!!!!
my mummy wont give me much info and my grand daddy wont say who his daddy was!!!!
31st July 2003Martin Heyes
I very much doubt that any descendant of J.R.M. Chard would have such a poor command of the English language. I think it can be safely said you are not descended from him.
(Chard was not known to have fathered any children).
31st July 2003Clive Dickens
MaynI add that I do not think that Lt Chard VC
31st July 2003Clive Dickens
Sorry my computer playing tricks
May I add that I do not think that any dedescendant of Lt Chard VC would be such a idiot and it is best that we ignore him.
31st July 2003Geoff Thursfield
I feel that a straightforward factual answer would have been the best approach to this question.
31st July 2003Peter Ewart
Go easy, chaps! That's a nice introduction & welcome to Jacky from this site, isn't it?

Surely he/she is to be congratulated on an interest in his/her family history at so young an age, as so many wait until they are grown up or in middle age at least. In many cases, genealogy introduces people (young & old) to an interest in history which was hitherto entirely absent.

Remember, too, the global reach of websites such as this. It may well be, therefore, that English is not Jacky's first language, but he/she has had a go & surely should be encouraged.

More to the point, Jacky has raised a topic which has appeared several times before on this forum and which has long engaged the attention of some AZW enthusiasts - namely, the possibility, belief (or rumour) that Chard did, indeed, father some children. I can't remember what the upshot was - I daresay Lee is the oracle here? - but Jacky has obviously come across the rumour just as others have .

Of course, had Chard fathered any illegitimate children, it is likely they would have carried a different surname, so a connection with Jacky appears highly unlikely - but not because of his/her lack of a command of English! If Chard had married and had a routinely large Victorian sized family, his thousand-plus(?) descendants would today demonstrate a grasp of our language as varied as the population at large.

31st July 2003Mike McCabe
There are precedents. Field Marshal Sir John Fox Burgoyne Bt (late RE) was known in his life time to have been the illegitimate son of General 'Gentleman Johnny' Burgoyne of American War of Independence fame. He adopted the family name of Burgoyne with his natural father's knowledge.
31st July 2003Martin Everett
Dear Mike,
And his grandson was a holder of the Victoria Cross - Lt (later) Capt Hugh Talbot Burgoyne RN.
31st July 2003Mike McCabe
Who was, tragically, lost in the sinking of HMS Captain, and experimental warship design that capsized with huge losses. The Burgoyne baronetcy thus ended with the Field Marshal, who had no other heirs.
31st July 2003jacky
i thanky you all for your answers! I am 7 yrs of age and i like learning about my history. i still will porsure this topix some more. even tho someons said i cant be related to him coz of my inglish.
31st July 2003jacky
can i ask that u apoligy to me? i dnt like being called a idoit. it hurts me feelings.
31st July 2003Joseph
I see you misspelled descendant. Does that make you an idiot, because you cant spell? sounds a bit hypocritical to me. There is no need to be so mean.

It is rumoured that Chard did father out of wedlock children, but it can't be proven. I would believe that any of his children(if there were any) would take the mothers name. Possibly to protect Chard.
1st August 2003Clive Dickens
Yes I agree anyone can make a typing error which I did as you point out , but the way the letter from Jackie was composed lead me to believe that it was some time waster and we have had plenty of those over the last few months , however I see it was written by a little boy of seven years of age so I give the liitle lad my most sincere apoligies and will be writing to him myself to convey those apoligies
1st August 2003Melvin Hunt
Slow down guys. I could be wrong here, but I think that "Jacky" is winding you all up. The bad english and spelling mistakes are too obvious. (But he knows how to spell "answers" and uses an exclamation mark!?)
Who are you Jacky?
2nd August 2003Clive Dickens
I think you are correct in your asumption I tried emailing Jackie and my mail was returned "UNKOWN"
2nd August 2003James Garland

Wise up people. Jacky is definitely no 7 year old although he probably has the maturity of one. The words he mis spells are not the words a 7 year old would use. He uses the expression "Thanky" which he has used before when he has treied to wind up readers. This idiot ( and no I won't apologise) merely insults the memory of Chard who would probably have been horrified by these supposed rumours.

3rd August 2003Steve Moore
If it walks like a Jacky, looks like a Jacky, spells like a Jacky, well its probably a Jacky. Which if I have my Americianisms right,is a warm and sticky thing!
Melvin and James have called this one right, time to move on.
3rd August 2003Julian whybra
How about deleting this whole series, Peter? It's just a waste of your web space.
4th August 2003Diana Blackwell
This forum has been the plaything of hostile visitors for a long time. (Somebody used to post fake messages under my name, and somebody continues to use the mocking pseudonym Christy Bluewell at The real problem here is the RDVC forum's design, which unintentionally protects the anonymity of trolls. A registration and log-in system, such as other forums use, would enable the webmasters to identify and exclude undesirables. While such a system would make the posting of messages a slightly more cumbersome process for everyone, I think the advantages (no more untraceable prank messages!) would outweigh the inconvenience.

"Jacky" is no Americanism I know of. Maybe you mean "jack-off" (which certainly seems to fit the individual in question).
5th August 2003jacky chard
i only put email there coz it said i needs one. i dont have email in real life. hotmail wont let people under 10 get email.
5th August 2003jacky
clive, i am a girl not a boy!!
i am really really really sory for cozing a fight in here. i wish i has an email. i except your aplogys. thanky you all!!
25th August 2003Marc Jung

A programme hosted by Carol Vordeman a couple of years ago, had a young boy about 14 I think on it, trying to link his Grandfather's medals to a fortune or something. Anyway, the upshot was, that Carol and her team did her research on the medals. By a quirk of fate, they discovered that this young boy was distantly related to Lt Chard. They mention Chard never married but that doesn't mean he didn't or couldn't have kids. The boy on the show must've been realted by a cousib I think of Chard's if I remember. Needless to say, this lad was flabbergasted1 Take Care, Marc.