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31st July 2003NNC & NNH Officer's Nationalities
By Adrian Wright
Can somebody please let me know the nationalities of the following Native Contingent officers present at isandlwana:-
Krohn, Vause, Davies, Henderson, Lonsdale, Barry, Raw and Roberts.
many thanks if you can
1st August 2003Julian whybra
By the surnames:
Davies Henderson Lonsdale Barry Raw Roberts - Natal English families originally
Krohn Vause - Natal Boer families originally
1st August 2003Adrian Wright
Thankyou very much for that Julian.
One more question for you.
I'm still a little confused as to why Cdt Rupert Lonsdale returned to the camp at Isandlwana
by himself and supposedly got so close to the camp that he was nearly killed by the zulus sacking it. I know he was suffering from heat stroke but even so.
2nd August 2003Julian Whybra
The man needed rest. He was not properly over his concussion. He'd had a recurrent fever. A day in the saddle, a sleepless night, and the morning skirmish had exhausted him.
He was not a well man (or a fit one) and he had to organize the movement of the NNC camp on the morrow to all intents and purposes.