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31st July 2003Colour Sgt Vaughn.
By SteveClough
Can anybody give me any info on the above gentleman.was he realy as cool,calm and collective as the film portrayed him?Any known photos of him?Thanks.
31st July 2003Martin Everett
Dear Steve,
You probably mean Colour Sergeant Frank Bourne who was awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal - plus pension of 10 - for his actions at Rorke's Drift. If you click on 'Other Defenders' - there are details plus a photo of him as Lieutenant Quartermaster South Wales Borderers. If you use the google search on the home page - this will give you all the previous references to this famous soldier on the site.
31st July 2003STEVE CLOUGH
Can't understand why he couldn't have been awarded the V.C. along with promotion???
1st August 2003Chris John
A Rumour is that he turned it down for a larger amount of money in his pension and was also promoted instead.
2nd August 2003James Garland

No one turns down the VC.

3rd August 2003Martin Everett
Dear Steve,
For soldiers in Victorian times the pension which came with a gallantry medal was more important. CSgt Bourne in this regard got the same recognition as those awarded the VC. My impression is that you have watched the film where the acting of Nigel Green was great - and deserved an oscar. But did Nigel Green deserve a VC?
7th August 2003Martin Heyes
Assuming you are referring to Col. Sgt. Bourne - you might want to click on to "Other Defenders" on the left of this page - then go to Bourne. You will find a great deal of information about him. He was certainly very young for a Col. Sgt at the battle - being only 25 yrs of age.
One small anecdote I once read about him was that even as a very old man, (he was the last veteran of Rorke's Drift to die in 1945 aged 91), he used to gather a large number of his family around him on the anniversary of the battle and go through it with them. Apparently not everyone in his family shared his enthusiasm for this reminiscing!!
15th October 2003haydn allen
Hi folks, can any one answer this one for me. When did the 24th Regiment of Foot amalgamate/become the South Wales Borders and Monmouthshire Regiment ? All the web sites for SWB claim that they were amalgamated at the time of Rorke's Drift - however this one claims that the 24 was part of the 2nd Warickshire. What does that mean and is it correct ?

15th October 2003Peter Ewart

1881 - see the regimental history (and successive amalgamations of forbear regiments) in the chart on the RRW myseum page via the Links on the left of this page.